Tips to create a healthy and balanced meal Now more than ever is the time to b…

Tips to create a healthy and balanced meal 🌱⬇️

Now more than ever is the time to be healthy and boost our immune systems! For that we need to feed our bodies properly and create well balanced meals with all the essencial minerals and vitamins:

🥦 Veggies – Not only do they make us feel satiated by filling our stomachs up with low calories, but colourful vegetables always contain the best vitamins. I usually fill half of my plate with loads of veggies. This time sauteed zucchini, green and red bell pepper, mushrooms and garlic.

⬜ Protein – Tofu is my go-to source of protein at the moment (I also love lentils and kidney beans). Full of minerals and the essential amino acids, protein makes us full for longer! Also great to help up build muscle with our current at home workouts hehe. I scrambled half a block of tofu for this meal.

🍞 Carbs – Usually my favourite part of every meal since I’m a carboholic and I ain’t ashamed: love how energetic carbohydrates make me feel and so should you! In this plate I used whole wheat farfalla pasta.

🧈 Fat – So important for our skin and joints, we should always have a good source of fat in every meal. I rarely ever cook with oil because it mostly contains zero nutrients, so I prefer to add tahini or seeds on top. In the mornings I always get chia or flax, to have my daily omega 3. This time I had white tahini, so good!

I hope you get some ideas for healthy meals 😚 stay safe my friends!